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Walking For Weight Loss – 10 Tips On Burning More Calories

burning more calories

Do you have a walking regiment in your goals to lose weight?

If you do… Great!

Walking is a great way to enjoy nature while still shedding some pounds. But do you see those pounds not disappearing fast enough?

Well, I am here to help!

Here are 10 tips on burning more calories while walking.

Burning More Calories Tip #1: Walk Some Inclines

If you are always on even ground, you are burning less than if you have to go up at some points.

I suggest planning your walk so you have to go up some hills or find some stairs along the way and climb them a time or 2.

If you use a treadmill, most have an incline adjustment. Start with say a 4 or 5% grade and slowly raise it until you get to an 8% grade.

Burning More Calories Tip #2: Pump Your Arms

Moving your arms as you walk will actually entice you to go slightly faster. And naturally, as you go faster, the more calories you will burn.

Burning More Calories Tip #3: Walk Farther

This is essentially a no-brainer. You really don’t have to measure the distance. Use time. If you are walking for 30 minutes, add 10, 20 or more minutes. If you are walking 4 days of the week, add in another day.

You will notice a difference as you add distance.

Burning More Calories Tip #4: Interval Walking

This is a great way to burn calories.

Vary between your normal pace and speed walking. If walking city streets, you could switch between each in blocks. On an open walking course, you may want to use your watch.

Speed walk a distance and then slow down to normal. Your heart rate will slow back down and then speed it up again with a speed pace.

Burning More Calories Tip #5: Add Some Other Exercises Into Your Walk

walking with weight

Integrating exercises like quick jogs, high knees, lunges and butt kicks into your walk will help some of those calories go bye bye.

Burning More Calories Tip #6: Add Some Weight

Just adding a few pounds of weight to your body can really make a huge difference. You could invest in

  • a weighted vest
  • ankle weights
  • or wrist weights

Or if you really wanted to up your game and pretend your in Army basic training, just put 10 – 20 pounds in a backpack.

I think I will stick with the weighted vest.

Burning More Calories Tip #7: Use Walking Poles

It may seem slightly crazy and you may get some “looks,” but using walking poles has become a huge trend in Nordic countries and the people who are using them have noticed big differences in calorie reduction.

You use them as if you were cross country skiing. Experts say that using walking poles helps people burn 25 – 45% more calories than normal walking. This is because you are using more muscles in your upper body.

Burning More Calories Tip #8: Walk-Sprint For Goals

This goes hand in hand with #4 because it is a type of interval walking.

When you see an object in the distance, pick up the walking pace until you reach that object… Speed walk to it!

Just every once in awhile, choose some type of marker and race walk to it.

Calories will hate you for it.

Burning More Calories Tip #9: Get A Walking Buddy

walking buddy

Let’s admit it, friends can be the best coaches at times… We tend to push each other to get the best from both.

“Oh c’mon, let’s walk another mile,” or “Let’s see who can walk fastest to the finish.”

Find a friend, co-worker, family member or maybe your dog to be your walking buddy and you will be pushed to go further and faster while having fun the whole time.

Burning More Calories Tip #10: Buy Great Walking Shoes

Some may lead you to believe you need some “Air Jordan’s” or some type of shoe with a lot of cushion.

I regress!

You need to feel the walk and you need to have maximum flexibility in the toe area.

So do your shoe shopping with that in mind.


Follow these tips and watch the calories zoom away as you walk for fun and weight loss.

If you have any questions, just post them below.

Thanks for stopping by… It’s time for a good walk!

Walking Is A Key

walking is a key

Photo by Mahkeo on Unsplash

If you really want to help yourself, walk!

I have studied many people trying to ascertain why some are overweight while others keep a slim and trim figure and I have discovered that walking is a key.

Several expert organizations recommend walking 10,000 steps per day. One great way to measure this is with some of the new technology available. Devices such as Jawbone, FitBit and others will measure your energy burning movements including walking.

I believe that walking should not be considered exercise, but a form of life. It needs to be an automatic attitude every day. And, you need to consider where and how you are walking to get maximum benefit from it.

When walking, swing your arms in conjunction with your leg movements. Walk at a brisk pace and make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes. Investing in good walking shoes is wise.

You can get even more benefit from walking by choosing extreme walking paths. While a flat surface will burn some calories, try heading out for inclines, stairs and other areas that are more difficult. I have heard that walking in sand or in soggy ground will force you to use more energy in your leg movements and can help you even more. Also, walking on uneven surfaces such as cobblestone or brick roads or paths make the walking a little harder and therefore burns more calories.

If you are just starting out, schedule 30 minutes every day to walk. Start at a steady pace and pick the pace up as you feel comfortable doing so. As you get adapted, start adding some other exercises to the walk. When you stop to rest, try some squats, jumping jacks, deep knee bends and stretching exercises.

I guarantee you will begin to feel a new human coming out of you as you commit to a daily walk.

How walking will help you

You will have a better attitude

Your mood will change. If you have suffered from depression, anger or other emotional issues, you will see those issues change. You will have a renewed attitude about life and I would bet you will smile more than ever before.

You will realize that you can

When you see how you are able to commit and walk daily, other goals you have in life will seem reachable. You will realize you can do anything if you set your mind, and heart on it.

You will become more creative

walking the baby

A 2014 study showed that walking sparks creative juices. That study was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, Learning, Memory, and Cognition. The experts administered tests to walkers and sitters and found the walkers to be much more creative.

It will help your digestive system

It will all get more regular. Do I need to get any more technical?

You will lose weight and have great legs

You will probably get compliments on how wonderful you look. You will see a whole new you in the mirror.

Less chances of chronic disease

There are multiple studies proving that walking lowers health risks.

  • The American Diabetes Association states that walking lowers blood sugar levels.
  • A 2002 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that walkers had 30% less chances of cardiovascular disease.
  • Researchers at both The University of Colorado at Boulder and The University of Tennessee showed that walking controls blood pressure thereby reducing the risk of stroke.

Final Thoughts

As you know, my tag-line is Just Keep Moving. Walking is a great way to do just that. Just find 30 minutes a day to schedule a good walk. You will be glad you did.

Make it a fun activity. You may want to try different area. Walk a park; walk a mall; walk a beach; walk anywhere you can walk.

Tell us about where you walk.

If you have questions or comments, please post them below.

Thank you… Now I’m going for a walk.