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Nature Heals: 10 Plants That Have Healing Powers

nature healsDo you buy over-the-counter medications for various healing effects? Many of these medications use plants and herbs for the primary ingredient and add various man-made chemicals.

So why add the chemicals?

It is called product creation and means profits for that particular pharmaceutical company. Profits they would not generate if they just used the plant.

Now, I am not a Doctor. I will not tell you to “drop” your medication and run out and pull some leaves off a plant in your garden. But I will tell you 10 plants that have healing powers and you just may want to approach your Doctor and ask he/she if the plant can be used in place of the medicine, or in conjunction with it.

I will tell you the plant and some information about it. You just may be pleasantly surprised.

#1: Aloe Vera

This amazing plant has a plethora of healing properties. It has been used topically to treat:

  • Burns
  • Rashes
  • Cold sores
  • Hair moisturizer
  • and much more

And when a person ingests Aloe Vera, it can boost your immune system, help digestion and has been known to improve diabetes symptoms.

#2: Basil

Basil has been known to help flatulence sufferers.

This great herb can also help aleve a lack of appetite, as well as various cuts and scrapes.

#3: Peppermint

Many over-the-counter medicines have menthol integrated in them.

Well, menthol comes from plants within the peppermint family.

Known to relieve headaches, and cramping just from the odor, you can also drink tea from the leaves to relieve an upset stomach. And some people rub the leaves on their skin to relieve rashes and other skin issues.

#4: Alfalfa

Don’t farmers feed alfalfa to their cows?

Yes, and that is why you should ingest it too!

Alfalfa is super rich in minerals and nutrients. Some of the conditions that alfalfa has helped humans:

  • kidney stones
  • urinary infection
  • nausea
  • morning sickness

Alfalfa also provides a boost of energy.

#5: Calendula

It is a flower you can find growing in gardens all over the United States. And you can use these flowers to relieve any throat, mouth or stomach problems. Just steep some flowers in boiling water and rinse your mouth, or make a tea.

Calendula is also known to help heal minor skin wounds just by rubbing the flowers on the wound.

#6: Nettle (Stinging)

It is a plant that many gardeners detest because of the way it creates a burning rash if you get it on your skin.

But with a short boil, the stinging properties go away and you will be eating one of the most nutritious plants on Earth.

The USDA tells us that 1 cup of cooked nettles will supply:

  • Over 2 grams of protein – Very high for a green, leafy plant food
  • Over half of your daily need of calcium
  • and over 1/3rd of the Vitamin A your body requires

So don’t curse those nettles, put on gloves and enjoy!

#7: Cinnamon

Here is another amazing plant. Did you know that the cinnamon you ingest comes from the bark of the Cinnamon tree?

In ancient days, cinnamon was more valuable than gold. It has shown magnificent benefits that include:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cancer fighter
  • Antioxidant
  • Immunity boosting
  • And much more…

#8: Lavender

Just whiffing the delicious fragrance from lavender creates a soothing effect like no other. It can also help relieve pain and is an antiseptic.

#9: Rosemary

Using this wonderful herb in cooking and even tea can enhance your memory functions. Scientists are even studying the possibilities of Rosemary helping Alzheimer’s patients.

There is even a potential of cancer treatment. This is an herb you should not leave out of your diet.

#10: Hemp

Now I would not suggest growing this in your yard unless you are in one of the few States where it is legal.

And I am also not speaking here of smoking a joint that puts you in a different state of mind.

You see, experts have found a way to extract the amazing health and pain relief properties from hemp while keeping out the substance that causes euphoria… THC.

I know of a legal hemp product…CBD Oil. Find out more about this oil here.


These are only 10 plants that can heal.

There are many more and I will delve into more in a later post.

But I suggest you use the ones I listed here today and discover all the amazing benefits.

Let’s here your thoughts and questions. You can post them below.

Thanks for stopping in and may your health be great!