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Detox In A Healthy Way

healthy detox

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

With winter upon us, we find many people with colds and flu. It feels like there are germs everywhere and you just feel like you need to rid your body of the toxins inhabiting it.


Detoxing your body is a great way to clean your system from all the junk that is entering from breathing, eating and just entering your pores as you live life.

But, there are many detox methods that are actually harming more than helping.

We must always remember that there are uninformed people who can unknowingly mislead you, and there are also those who will mislead just to make money in an evil way.

As I have said in the past, I subscribe to the Paleohacks newsletter and Aimee McNew wrote an excellent article on bad detox programs.

I felt I should dive into the same subject because I know many of my readers are facing similar choices.

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Do NOT Use These Detox Methods

Vegan Detox

Our bodies require protein and unless you are expertly trained, many vegan diets are not attaining the protein their bodies need on a consistent basis. Many of the vegan diets go after plant proteins and they are not as effective as animal based protein.

There has been a big push to go vegan to clean your body, but you are actually creating more stress on your system by doing so. And during these times of high susceptibility to colds and flu, the last thing you need is your body being stressed.

Smoothie Detox

There has been a manipulative system going around where people are put on full time smoothie or shake programs. This is very dangerous.

It is one thing to skip one meal and use a meal replacement shake or smoothie, but if you are skipping every meal and using shakes or smoothies, it is similar to driving the wrong way on a one-way street; you WILL crash!

With fruit smoothies, you are filling up with natural sugars. Without other food based nutrients, you are endangering your health. And for weight loss shakes, there are many that do work, but they must be used sparingly. There are others that have ingredients that I would not feed to my pet. Be sure and read the ingredients before you purchase them.

Keep in mind that just like the vegan detox, by using this smoothie method, you are creating unneeded stress on your body.

Detox The Right Way

The system does not have to be difficult.

The key is following a diet that keeps the carbs low, the fats high and supplies all the vitamins and minerals your body requires on a daily basis/

If you think about it, these other methods are considered shortcuts, and they do not supply all the nutrients your body needs. You may notice immediate weight loss, but you will experience problems in the long run, and many of them could become serious.

How I can, and will help

I have helped many other people create diet plans that are health friendly, they detox the body and supply needed nutrients.

I can help you develop a complete plan not only just to detox, but to manage your lifestyle in a complete fashion so you will look, feel and most importantly, be HEALTHY.

I offer:

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  • and much more

Let’s get you healthy!

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Thank you for visiting and keep checking back for more info to get your weight and life back on track.