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6 Hacks To Get Your Weight On Track

weight loss hacks

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

We here of individuals hacking so many different things…

  • Websites
  • Security systems
  • Cars
  • Traffic lights
  • and much more…

So doesn’t it make sense that we can hack diets and weight loss plans?

Let’s do just that!

Here are 6 hacks to get your weight at its optimum level.

Weight On Track Hacks #1: Make All Meals Romantic

All right, I’m not telling you to have another person you deeply care for at every single meal. That may be difficult to do. But I am saying that by eating in what is known as romantic conditions is an excellent weight loss hack.

Studies have shown that just turning down the lights and putting on some relaxing music has people eating on average, 175 less calories each meal they use this hack.

Weight On Track Hacks #2: Hang Out With Positive People

There is a common denominator between eating and negativeness. I can’t put my finger on it completely, but studies have shown that being around negative people adds inches to our waistline.

You know, maybe I can put my finger on it. Those negative people are always pointing fingers at the bad traits of people, so we automatically assume they are looking at our bad traits. We instinctively give them more negative material by eating more brownies, pizza and chips with dip.

But when we are around positive people who support us, we want to feel and look our best. So we subconsciously hack our mindset and lose weight.

Weight On Track Hacks #3: Follow The Order

royaltyHave you ever wondered why some members of Royalty seem to stay slim and trim?

I know… There have been some obese Kings and Queens, but for the biggest part, the majority are fit and trim.

But you see depictions of these people being served extravagant multi-course meals. That is where the hack lies; they are first served a big glass of water… Drinking that water fills the stomach some. Then comes the broth or soup. Again, not fattening and fills the stomach. Salad is next which loads them with nutrients.

By the time the main course comes, they are normally quite full and only eat a couple bites. And the servants eat the fattening stuff but because they are always on the go serving, they burn it off.

Yep, #3 is a hack made for Royalty and you are the King or Queen.

Weight On Track Hacks #4: Switch The Butter With Avocado

So many recipes call for butter. And we know butter is hard on those of us wanting to lose weight.

You will love this hack!

Anytime a recipe is calling for butter, mash an equal amount of avocado and use it instead. Avocado is lower in calories, tastes great and is heart friendly.

Avocado is high in good fat and has no carbs. Just the perfect system for healthy weight loss.

Weight On Track Hacks #5: Eat Slow

Humans always seem to be in a hurry. But being in a hurry to eat can be a trail to obesity. Slowing down and completely chewing your food will allow your brain to realize you are getting full.

When we eat fast, our brains do not catch on until we have overdone it.

Weight On Track Hacks #6: Coffee Or Tea Before Exercise

It has been shown that by drinking a caffeine drink like coffee or tea before exercising will help you burn more calories when you are not exercising.

It seems odd, but it works.

Cyclists would drink espresso before riding and the next day when they just stayed home watching the Tour-de-France, they would burn calories too.


While many hacks are associated with illegal things, these weight loss hacks are all perfectly legal.

Give them a go and watch your weight drop.

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Thank you for dropping in and I wish you a great day!