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No Gym, No Problem


Photo by Sam Sabourin on Unsplash

I have noticed that me people assume they have to pay for a gym membership to be able to get into shape and lose weight.

While being a member of a gym is not a terrible idea, it should not be mandatory. We must know how to exercise without a gym. You just never know:

  • The weather may be bad
  • The vehicle may be in the shop
  • The gym may be closed for a holiday

So do we skip our exercise if any of these happened?

Please don’t!

I look around and see many people who are in great physical condition and they never even enter a gym.

While it may not be the most appealing example, consider some of the convicts doing many years in a prison cell.

Yes, some have gyms but many of them are confined to a small cell for 22 hours per day. But for some odd reason, they have physiques that make many of us jealous.


Because they spend hours upon hours doing simple exercises in that prison cell. And while you may not have hours upon hours to exercise, it does go to show that you really do not need a gym membership.

Here are a few good reasons you should skip the gym membership and exercise at home.

You are less apt to injure yourself

Statistics show that more injuries happen in gym exercises than home work outs. I see several reasons this is true:

  • Trying to show off
  • Using weights instead of their own body
  • Trying to keep up with another person
  • etc…

While it is good to have an exercise partner, it isn’t mandatory. If you make a plan and stick to it, you can have a great home based exercise plan.

They can be done anywhere


Photo by Clique Images on Unsplash

Even if you have a business function in Hong Kong, you can still follow your exercise plan in your hotel room.

The cost savings

Gym memberships are not cheap. Why not save that money and purchase some exercise clothes, a mat and other items to help you make that home exercise more enjoyable.

And a bicycle???

Make exercise a part of your life

Many people have learned to integrate exercise into their everyday life.

Instead of having someone else walk the dog, you walk the dog. Walking is a great form of exercise.

Start using your creative mind to plan family outings into good exercise options. Instead of going to the movies, why not go on a hike through a park?

Make a garden and get outside and till the dirt and plant some seeds. Yes, it is exercise and you can grow some delicious foods.

Some simple home exercises

There are many simple exercises you can do at home:

  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Run in place
  • Jump rope
  • Jumping jacks
  • Dance
  • Kicks and lunges
  • Invest in resistance bands
  • Etc…

This website has many excellent choices.


one of the best exercising methods involves water. If you have a pool, use it. Swimming is one of the best exercises available to humans.

I would go so far to say that if you don’t have a pool, take that money you were going to invest in a gym membership and start a swimming regiment 3 or 4 days per week.


Don’t buy into the idea that you have to be a member of a gym to exercise.

I apologize to all those gym owners out there, but the truth rules.

There is nothing wrong with being a member of a gym, but don’t let it be your only reason to exercise. Make an exercise plan and even if the gym is closed, follow the plan.

Any questions?

Do you agree?

You can post all questions and comments below.

Now I think I am going swimming.

Thanks all!

Tara’s Tips – Rowing


Photo by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

Hi everyone.

Here is a video I did with Holly some time back.

The transcript is below the video.

Hello, this is Tara with the 90-day challenge on Day 8, we just keep on moving. I’m here with my friend, Holly and we are going to go over rowing as an option for exercise.

So, Holly, how long have you been rowing?


I started to row about 18 years ago. I did not row in college. I was introduced to it right here in our little club in Lambertville, New Jersey and thought it sounded like a lot of fun. I had been down to see the Dad Vail Regatta. I thought it looked cool, but I wasn’t going to drive there to row, so I was introduced here. I have rowed for 18 years. I do a lot of racing, I’m now coaching, it’s a great way on a beautiful day to get exercise.

Tara Christopher:

Well you look absolutely fabulous. Can you replicate this in a gym?


Sure. Almost every gym that I’ve been has what they call ergs which are rowing machines. Often times you don’t see anybody using them or you see people using them incorrectly. But they are a great way to get aerobic and strength training. Rowing is a total body workout, it uses almost every muscle in your body. You’re legs most and then your core and lastly your arms, but it’s a whole-body workout and it’s a great aerobic workout.

Tara Christopher:

Thank you so much Holly. Remember just keep on moving and we’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.



Just Keep On Movin!!!

Happy Monday everyone!

I made this video with John some time back and I would like to share it with all of you.

Below the video is the transcript.

Hello, it’s Tara Christopher on the 90-day challenge and here I am with my friend John. Say hello John.


“Hi, how you doing?”

Tara Christopher:

“Okay. I was going past because I’m doing a four-mile run tonight and look at these stairs that I found in my neighborhood that John is going up and down. So, John please tell everybody how many times you go up and down this staircase.”


“It varies from day-to-day. I try to do it early in the morning, then I go out on the towpath and do about eight to ten miles on the towpath and then I come back here. You know, it depends. I’ll do twelve to fifteen round trips on the stairs. Sometimes, I’ll do seven or eight. It all depends on what kind of mood I’m in.”

Tara Christopher:

“Okay, that’s approximately 120 steps. So, remember you don’t have to just go to a gym. Get clever, look for things like this around your town and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Just remember, just keep on movin.”

Tara’s tips: immediate gratification is a set up for failure


Hello everyone.

I hope you had a great weekend.

Here is a video I did approximately 1 year ago, but it is still important.

The transcript is below.

Hello. It’s Tara Christopher with the 90 Day Challenge.

I wanted to talk you today about immediate gratification because one the thing when I had start Nerium, I would sell the product and somebody would call me back and say oh, my skin doesn’t look better.

It’s 15 days into the product which would blow my mind because first of all, it had 12 years of trials and the trials were done in 30 day increments, and people would actually expect in 15 days to reach to reverse 40, 50, 60 years of sitting out in the sun and I thought to myself oh my God, that is incredible and how many people have this belief system of immediate gratification. It’s just so ridiculous.

Even as far as supplements. I take supplements and somebody will call me up with chronic inflammation and in seven days say I don’t feel a difference.

Seven days?

You need first of all usually it takes about 30 before you’re starting to see changes.

Sometimes you feel an immediate change but usually you really need to give anything 90 days to decide whether you need to take something away, put something back in.

It’s a process just like exercise.

runnersI did the Iron Man and I’ve been an athlete since I’m five-years old. I was a competitive swimmer and then at 17 I started teaching at the Levittown Lucille Roberts.

I actually helped them open that club up and never stopped exercising all my life but I had to train really hard in order to achieve my dream of the Iron Man.

That was not immediate gratification just like anything else.

Even as far as business, people join businesses and then 30 days I will get a phone call, this business doesn’t work and I had to pay $90.

That you don’t need to be an entrepreneur, get out. Go in the other direction.

Do not work for yourself if you are expecting to be successful in 30 days.

It is hard consistent work in order to be successful at anything whether it is your health as far as exercise and supplements or building a business.

Everything takes times and consistency and that’s why I really push people to have a why because when you do hit — I mean a 30 day mark is really extreme but it happens.

But when you do hit that wall, you need something to turn to and say you know what? I’m in a rough patch.

Let me look at the reason why I’m doing this and get over this hump but there is no such thing as immediate gratification and don’t sign up for that club because that club is set up for failure so I highly recommend that wherever you learned that from, don’t listen to that advice.

That’s my message to you today and I wish a great day for everybody and remember, just keep on moving, eating healthy, and I will see you tomorrow.