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I am going to post another one of my videos and the written transcript of it. I know that these can help you make good decisions on your eating patterns.

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It’s Tara Christopher on the 90 Day Challenge, You Just Keep on Moving.

I am here in Stockton, New Jersey with Manny’s All Natural. Manny is going to tell you a little bit about grass fed and no nitrate beef.


Well, no nitrate beef is no nitrates, no antibiotics. It’s an all natural grown animal and grass fed is a natural grass that’s Timothy clover which is one of the expensive grasses that people feed their animals with and grow.

They also grow it and they cut it and they provide it. So in the wintertime when it don’t grow, they feed them what they provide in the summertime so they always feed the grass.

They don’t get cheated of not eating the grass.


So it has more nutrients?


Way more nutrients than grain, of course than grain.

Then you have to look at the steak here.

When it’s a yellow fat on it, then you know it’s grass fed, 100% grass fed, not grass finish.

With grass finish you’ll see white still but when it’s yellow fat on it, it’s grass fed 100%.


Sometimes when you have grass fed and you don’t think that it really does taste that great, it could possibly be on the type of grass that Manny just shared about so keep searching until you find the right butcher like Manny in Stockton, New Jersey.

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