Do Carbs Make You Fat?


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I have been posting several of my YouTube videos along with the transcripts so you can read what I said.

Here is the latest.

It’s Tara Christopher on the 90 Day Challenge, You Just Keep on Moving.

Great questions I keep getting, do carbohydrates cause obesity?

The answer is yes and one of the reasons behind that and I will not get into the science.

I do believe in eating carbohydrates. But one of the reasons is it is the easiest and fastest thing for you to grab.

If you take a look, carbs, carbs, carbs. As you’re driving, you grab it.

You wake up in the morning. This is all sugar. All of this oatmeal is sugar unless you get plain oats. Keep on walking into all these cereals, carbohydrates.

When you’re thinking about the word carbs, typically we’re not on the cuscus, rice, baked potatoes, and yams conversation.

This is really where Americans tend to grab their carbs which are between the aisles in the middle of the perimeter of the grocery store.

That is one of the reasons why carbohydrates cause obesity in America.

Think about that the next time that you’re shopping.

Think baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice whether it’s brown or white, and cuscus.

Keep on moving and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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