Detoxifying Your Body From The Outside In


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We often talk about supplements and cleansers we can take to detoxify our bodies from the inside out but you should also consider detoxifying your body from the outside in.

The Toxins That Invade Us

From the day we are born… No, even before we are born, toxins are attacking our bodies.

Be prepared now for study figures I am going to give you. They can be frightening.

The Environmental Working Group started a study at 2 laboratories. They found that the blood from the umbilical cords of 10 babies had an average of 200 chemicals and pollutants. They found:

  • pesticides

  • product chemicals

  • waste from the burning of coal, garbage and fuel

All this before the baby came out of the womb.

So we are receiving toxins into our systems daily. These toxins just vegetate in our cells and fat tissue and they probably are prime factors in many of the diseases we have in this world.

So How Do We Battle These Toxins?

I mentioned interior detox methods earlier, and if you want to know more about supplements that can help you detox, feel free to contact me.

But today, we are going to look at some simple ways you can battle the toxins from the outside. And it will also be enjoyable.


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Take A Bath

That is right!

Taking a bath is the way to detoxify your body, but not just any bath.

Add a liberal amount of Epsom Salt to your bath water

Epsom Salt looks like salt but it is actually a mineral. It is magnesium sulfate and the power of magnesium is wonderful. The magnesium will soak into your pores and work its way to your bloodstream where it will defeat the toxins congregating in cells and fat tissue.

Many people ask, “Why not just take magnesium orally?”

Good question!

The digestive process makes the magnesium not work to the same level as it will through an entrance that bypasses your digestive system.

The fact is: many detox methods used by professionals are designed with the use of magnesium. It is much more cost effective to just purchase Epsom Salt at the store and take a bath.

So not only does this method detoxify your body, it relieves stress and anxiety, and has also been linked to migraine reduction.

For Maximum Effect

Bentonite Clay is another item you will want to add to your Epsom Salt bath.

This volcanic ash clay acts as an avenue to rid the toxins the Epsom Salt caught and destroyed; the Bentonite Clay swells and traps the toxins and takes them out of your body.

It works essentially like a magnet because it has a negative charge while the toxins have positive charges.

Add Some Baking Soda

Baking Soda is another natural detoxifier.

It will help rid items the Epsom Salt didn’t catch.

Just consider the fact that Baking Soda catches odors in the refrigerator and some mechanics have used it to clean battery posts. If it can clean those items so well, it will also cleanse toxins from our bodies.

Now for a nice scent

You probably would like to come out of that wonderful detoxification bath with a nice scent.

This is where you can use essential oils. Just add 6 drops of rose essential oil, or frankincense essential oil, or both.

Or another great mixture is 6 drops of lemon essential oil with 6 drops of orange essential oil.

Many also add 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil too.

Final thoughts

It just makes me feel like taking a detox bath now.

Why pay huge amounts of money at a spa for a detox when you can do so with ingredients you can purchase and just take a bath?

I hope this post helps you detox and relax.

Enjoy and share this post with your friends and family.

If you have any questions, just post them below.

Best Regards,

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