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Some Tips To Use During The Holidays To Keep From Gaining Weight

gaining weight

Well, we went through Thanksgiving and I slipped a couple of times but overall, I held to my diet.

How did you do?

If you did have an encounter with pumpkin pie or some other tasty sweet, don’t consider it the end. Slip-ups happen and all we can do is reflect on how good it was and what we need to do to overcome those slips.

With Christmas arriving soon, I have decided to give a few tips on eating and not eating during this season when many diets go by the wayside.

I am routing for you!

Here are multiple tips that can help you still enjoy the Holiday festivities without adding pounds to your waistline.

Don’t go hungry

If you arrive at the family function with an empty stomach, you are setting yourself up for disaster.

Try snacking on some nuts or seeds before going, and before getting a plate of food, drink a full glass of water. The water will fill those cavities and make it feel like you are full.

Take your own healthy dish

You may take one look at all the food offerings and see weight gain. But if you arrive with a healthy dish you prepared, you know you will have something to eat that will not add pounds to you.

Find a confidant

In those huge get together functions, it is quite probable that you are not the only person fighting with weight gain. Find another person in your position and face the temptations together. It helps!

Make the centerpiece people instead of food

So often, the focus at these events is the food. You do not have to accept that! Make your focus the people and the socializing instead of the food.

Keep track of what you eat

Maybe keep a notepad and just jot down what you eat. By doing this, you will stay aware and it will help you control the urge.

Avoid alcohol

alcohol and drugs

Alcohol in itself can be fattening and what is worse is the loss of inhibitions that alcohol gives. I suggest just saying no to alcohol.

Use the salad plate

Instead of using a full size plate, use a smaller salad plate.

You will take smaller servings and maintain your diet this way.

Carry some healthy snack items on your person

You know that you are going to be seeing a lot of food. Sometimes that hunger bug can pop its head up at any time. Just reach in your bag and take out the nuts you brought with you to defeat that monster.

Do not neglect your exercise routine

It is more important than ever that you stick with your normal exercise routine. Just because the party is at 1 doesn’t mean you cannot still do your morning walk, jog or biking.

Stay with you exercise pattern and even if you do slip a treat in, you will be forgiven.

Be willing to say no thank you

You are going to have people most likely offer you tempting treats. You need to get adapted to being able to just say no thank you.

When it is that person that you just cannot say no to such as a favorite Aunt or other person, I suggest taking the item and giving it to a child. Or you can just be honest and tell them you are on a diet and you dare not.

Go for a walk

After eating that meal, instead of sitting down why not take a walk?

It will help you burn those calories you just ate and is much better than sitting and letting those calories create a gut.

Final Thoughts

You can still have a joyous Holiday season even when you are on a diet.

It doesn’t have to be about the food, it can be about the family and friends.

So, go enjoy yourself and if you do slip, don’t let it ruin your time or your diet.

Happy Holidays to you all!

12 Ways To Make Weight Loss Fun And Easy

I have watched many people state they need to lose weight. I see them make some progress and then the inevitable…


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

They quit!

They gain more weight!

They get depressed!


Because the weight loss plan they had just wasn’t fun. It wasn’t easy. It was like enslavement and no one wants to be enslaved.

And that is where the depression comes from, because they have chosen one enslavement over another.

Are you in that position? Do you know someone in that position?

In this post, I am going to share 12 ways to make weight loss fun and easy. I just know these methods can help you or that person you care about. So please share this and have fun with losing that weight.

1: Don’t Diet

Are you hearing Tara right?

Don’t diet???

But you are always talking about different diets and plans?

What I mean is to quit looking at it as a short, or even long term diet. Make it a healthy eating lifestyle. Don’t set any time limits, just change your eating patterns for life.

When a person says “I’m on a diet,” that means there is a time attached to it. It is similar to a New Year resolution… It gets broken.

2: Plant A Garden


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

What better way to eat healthy foods than if you grow them yourself?

Plant carrots, broccoli, peas and more.

It is so fun eating the healthy stuff we grow ourselves.

3: Eat Slower

Studies have shown that when a person eats slower, they eat less and enjoy their food more.

Instead of downing that meal in 10 minutes, slow it down to ½ hour.

You will eat less and enjoy the food you are eating.

4: Find A Workout You Like

Just because someone you know is doing a certain workout that is the fad doesn’t mean you have to copy it.

If you don’t enjoy your workout, you will find excuses to not do it.

5: Find A Workout Buddy

It really is enjoyable when you workout with a friend.

Find someone who is interested in doing the workout you enjoy, and do it together.

You will look forward to workout time this way.

6: Snack On Pistachios

Studies have shown that pistachios are a great item to snack on for weight loss, especially the ones with the shells.

7: Sleep


Photo by Jackman Chiu on Unsplash

Studies have also shown that lack of sleep leads to overeating and weight gain.

Sleep in and lose weight.

7 to 8 hours of sleep is the optimal amount.

8: Volunteer

Many organizations are looking for volunteers. Help clean up a park or waterway. Help with remodeling an elderly person’s house. This type of activity will keep you active and help you lose weight, plus you are helping other people.

9: Only 1

When you eat a sandwich, just make it 1 slice of bread.

Everyone has this idea that a sandwich has to have 2 slices of bread, but bread is a major contributor to weight.

So have some fun with it when you order a sandwich and tell the waitress 1 slice of bread.

If they bring 2, put the tip inside the extra slice of bread.

10: Go Enjoy Life

Go on a hike!

Go row a boat in the lake!

Go swimming!

Play tennis!

Play basketball!

Just go have fun and enjoy life and you WILL lose weight.

11: Eat Water Filled Foods

Eat soups, salads and foods that contain water.

They will fill you but not fatten you.

12: Drink Water For Breakfast

Drink several glasses of water for a great start to your day.

That water will fill you and help you shed those pounds.

Final Thoughts

Losing weight doesn’t have to be boring and dreadful.

Have fun and enjoy what you are doing, and the weight will leave.

If you need more help, just contact me and I will!

Thanks for visiting.

Why Freedom Of Choice Can Be Self Destructive

freedom of choice

Photo by Julien Mériot on Unsplash

Hello all!

Here is another video I did with the transcript below.

I hope it can help you.

Hello, it’s Tara Christopher coming to you with the 90 day challenge, so just keep on moving.

I just wanted to start Monday out by talking about the fact that we have freedom,

freedom of choice.

Unfortunately, a lot of times with freedom we tend to choose things that aren’t necessarily in our best interest and self-destructive decisions come out of that. Therefore, even though you have freedom of choice, you have absolutely no freedom of the consequences that you’ll have to deal with when you make poor decisions for yourself.

What you really should do is make some sort of game plan for yourself and kind of minimizing your own freedom of choice.

In other words, if you’re looking to lose weight and eat healthy, come up with the next month of what you are going to eat.

You need to make a plan—a game plan for yourself so you don’t have to get up, you don’t have to think about it, you don’t have to try to decide. You’re going to wake up, you’re going to know what you’re going to eat for breakfast, you’re going to know what you’re eating for snacks, you’re going to know what you’re eating for lunch and minimize that choice of freedom. Then that way, once you get used to making the correct decisions for yourself and that becomes a habit, then the choice of freedom will be much easier and much healthier for you.

Again, you do not have the choice of your consequences if you’re eating a poor diet. You don’t know if it’s going to be cardiovascular disease, diabetes, whatever, pick your choice of disease.

That is my tip of the day.

Have a great day and remember just keep on moving and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Tara’s Tips – Do you need to write down a why when you are trying to reach a diet

writeHi again!

Hoping all is well and you are moving on with your weight loss plans.

Here is a video that may help that I did some time back.

The transcript is below.

Hello, it’s Tara Christopher on the 90 day challenge, so just get up and move.

I would like to start this day out by impressing on you, please write yourself a why.

If you are changing your lifestyle on eating, exercise, quitting smoking, alcohol, whatever it is, you really need to put a why down for yourself. Because when the going gets tough, if you do not have something written down on why it means so much for you to make these changes in your life, it’s going to be very, very difficult for you to get over that hump.

So, please write your why down and really take some time out, think about it and put it on paper.

When you hit a wall, read it and then you’ll remember why you’re on this journey.

So, remember just get up and move and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Post Halloween Diet Guilt

Hello everyone!

With Halloween soon upon us, I wanted to share this video I did last year.

Halloween is a difficult time with all that good candy.

Here is a perspective…

It’s Tara from the 90 day challenge.

Guilty. You got me.

I ate candy all day yesterday and here we go. I’m giving this over to my children.

I’m done. I’m not going to feel bad about it.

I am human and so is everybody else, so if you had a bad day yesterday with Halloween, move on.

You’re entitled because we’re human and if we put those rules on ourselves, we’re set up to fail.

I’m happy.

I had my candy day. It’s over.

A lot of empties in here. I feel a little sick today but it’s done so keep on moving.

Don’t worry about the candy that you ate from Halloween.

See you tomorrow.