Appropriate Exercises For Your Age And Your Lifestyle


Every one of us require exercise, but that exercise should be in accordance with both our age and our lifestyles. If a person that is 58 and has recently undergone knee surgery utilizes an exercise routine of a professional track star, odds are he or she will damage that knee to an irreparable state.

While not every person is the same, we can narrow down some exercise routines that are appropriate both for lifestyles and ages. I recommend you study these exercise tips to find what will work for you.

If your job requires that you sit at a desk all day, there are certain exercises that will help you, and just the same for a person that works in construction all day, or is retired. Our lifestyles can be a strong influence in how we exercise.

Our ages also play a strong roll. Many teenagers get exercise just in the play and fun they participate in with friends. A retired person often does not get the same exercise that a child does. So here are a few ideas.


It is imperative that you teach kids how to do proper stretching exercises. Stretching makes our muscles flexible and reduces the risk of injury. Here are some stretching exercises we all should do:


Have your feet at just over shoulder length apart while you stand straight. Bending forward with your waist, keep your legs straight and try to touch the ground with your fingertips between your feet. Rise and do it again.

Arm crosses

Standing straight move one arm across your chest trying to reach as far as possible without moving your body. Do the same with the other arm. Now take the first arm higher to where you are reaching at ear level. Now, the same with the other arm.


Standing straight, hold your arms straight out in front of your chest. Bend your waist as if you were sitting in a chair. Count to 5 and rise. Do this 10-20 times.

These are just a few stretching exercises that all people should do before exercising.

Children and Teenagers

child exerciseThere is often an assumption among children that just because they run and play with friends that they are getting the exercise they need. On the “flip-side” of that equation is the vast amount of technology that has children sitting in front of a television screen pushing game buttons, or on their smartphones or tablets. Many children are not getting the exercise they need.

Getting you children involved in exercise routines will help them in later years. It is wise to teach them the proper way to exercise.


Swimming is a great way to work all your muscles. Teach your children all the strokes and have them swim laps using them.


Bike rides are a great way to get exercise for children.


Finding a place to take the kids hiking is another way to guarantee they are getting much-needed exercise.

Your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s

These are the ages when you should always be thinking about your physique. Your job can delegate what types of exercises you need. If you are on your feet all day, you may consider exercises such as rowing a boat, pull-ups, and exercises where you use more of your arms and chests.

Here are a few exercises you should absolutely consider, though:


Moderate to intense aerobic activities can be a huge benefit to your cardio make-up. Do them for ½ to 1 hour per day and watch your whole life change for the better.


Just like the kids, the bicycle is a great way to get a good solid batch of exercise.


Find a route and pace yourself. Walk for a bit and jog some. It will do your body good!


Use some 5 or 10-pound weights, and do your stretching exercises while holding them. This will build your strength.

For you “tuff guys” go ahead and do some bench presses, squats and other weight lifting exercises with full weights. Just do not neglect the aerobics to keep you limber.

Over 50

Life does not have to go downhill when you reach 50. With proper exercise, you can keep pace with the youngsters. Some of these exercises have helped people your age:

Walking with weights

Many seniors find that walking briskly with 5-pound dumbbells in each hand is invigorating and they notice better sleep patterns and feel healthier. Just find a safe walking area and take a friend.


Many people after 50 just do not like to get in a bathing suit. The ones who do seem to be in great shape. Swimming is a great form of exercise for all people, so if you are over 50, pull that bathing suit out and go swimming once a week.

Tai Chi

It has been shown that seniors who use Tai Chi have better balance and are more flexible. Tai Chi is a form of stretching crossed with aerobics. It is highly recommended for people over 60. Check out this link.

In Conclusion

elderly exerciseThe key to all of this is to schedule a set amount of exercise time daily. This is where many people err. Just set the time and get out and exercise. Trust me, as you do, you will be glad you did.

Your muscles may be sore at first, but don’t give up! Just keep moving, and you will live a fuller, more enjoyable life.

If you have any questions or feedback, please post them below.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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