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6 Things To Look At Before Joining The Correct Network Marketing Company

The chance of a lifetime… Join now before it’s too late… You can get rich working part time…

We see and hear these and more everywhere. I am talking about network marketing, MLM… multilevel marketing.

It is a way to start your own home based business and yes, you can get rich working the business part time. But one important key word here is working. It takes diligence, persistence and a willingness to keep learning.

No matter the network marketing company you do join, if you follow those 3 traits, you will have a much better chance of succeeding.

Keep in mind that there are certain things in life that you must rush to do…

  • Stomp on the brakes when a car pulls out in front of you.
  • Put out a fire that has started.
  • Or rush someone to the hospital who has been in an accident.

But when it comes to choosing a network marketing company, rushing into it is not wise. The smart entrepreneur does his/her research to ensure that the business is “right” for them.

Today, I am going to share 6 things you should look at when deciding on the network marketing company you will join. And even if you have a friend or family member trying to push you to join fast, just tell them you want to do some research and allow them to set up a presentation 2 or 3 days later. That will give you the time to see if the opportunity is worth pursuing.

Joining The Correct Network Marketing Company #1: Try The Products Or Services First

This is probably one of the most important tips I will give in this post. If you don’t like the product or service, why would you want to try to sell it to others?

In some cases, the person trying to recruit you will have samples or will be able to work a discounted price so you can try the products or services.

When you are a product of the products, it will show to others. They will be more apt to purchase or join your team knowing you use the products.

Joining The Correct Network Marketing Company #2: The Company Leadership

Before joining a network marketing company, you should research the complete leadership behind the company.

  • Who founded the company and why?
  • Learn about the CEO and other top management. Have they been involved in network marketing prior to this position? Are they trusted? What is their educational and career background?
  • And your sponsor and upline, you should look at their background too. This will help you determine if they will be able to help you when you need it.

The leadership of any network marketing company should be transparent. It should not be difficult to see into their backgrounds.

If you do have problems finding information on the leadership of the company, I suggest you just contact them and ask. If they are not willing to provide you with the information you are seeking, do you think it would be a good network marketing company to affiliate with?

Joining The Correct Network Marketing Company #3: The Company Profile

You should absolutely research the company…

  • How long have they been in business?
  • What does their financial statements look like?
  • Are they publicly listed or privately owned?
  • Have they had any legal issues?

While there is nothing wrong with joining a brand new network marketing company, keep in mind that many fail within their first year of business.

The company financial statements can tell you a lot. Do they have a good supply of assets or are they just “squeaking by?”

While public and private should not be a huge importance, it is good to know. And being listed on the stock exchange does give a company some added respect.

And lastly, legal issues are quite important. Now it is possible they have had in the past but handled the situation properly. That does not make them a bad company. But wariness should come if the company is in the midst of a legal situation. You need to ask yourself, “Do I dare take a risk until I see the outcome?”

You should also look at the Better Business Bureau rating of the company and see if they are a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Before joining a network marketing company, you should know the company inside and out.

Joining The Correct Network Marketing Company #4: Analyze The Products Or Services

This is completely different than #1. Sure, you love the products or services, but now is the time to analyze them on a deeper scale.

Are they safe?

Do you get a good amount for the money you spend?

Does the pricing compete fairly with retail or other network marketing competitors?

What makes this product or service more valuable then the rest?

You want to know if you will have something to stand on when selling the products. If you can show that they are safe for children and animals, that is a strong selling point.

And while we know that pricing is important, equally important is getting a good quantity and high quality. Most people are willing to pay more to get more and better.

But if a person can buy essentially the same product at a retail store for 75% less, what do you think the chances are you will be able to sell?

Joining The Correct Network Marketing Company #5: The Compensation Plan

How will you be paid?

When will you be paid?

The compensation plan is ultra important and believe me, every representative will tell you their company’s compensation plan is the best. And the thing is, for them, it is the best. But would it be the best for you?

There are 4 primary compensation plans in the world of network marketing:

  1. The stair step breakaway
  2. The binary
  3. Matrix
  4. and the Unilevel

Most network marketing companies use one, or a combination of these plans. And the thing is, they all work!

You can make good money with any of these plans as long as the company is using them properly.

So you should look at the comp plan, bonuses, and incentives. All the ways you can make money with the company. In most cases, network marketing companies have developed a PDF of how their particular compensation plan works. Many have also created videos to explain the compensation plan.

I suggest you take a close look at each plan and the pros and cons to see if it would be right for you.

Joining The Correct Network Marketing Company #6: Support And Training

One of the key words in network marketing is duplication. The system should be simplified enough that the newest team member can duplicate what more experienced representatives are doing and have success doing so.

So what the company needs is an easy to understand training system. The elder member should have the ability to show the recruits how to follow the system to both recruit and sell.

Some questions to ask…

  • Is the basic training free (it should be)?
  • Does the company offer advanced training at a reasonable cost?
  • Is there online training?
  • Are upline members willing to help new recruits learn, grow and succeed?
  • Does the company offer conventions and conferences so members can network and learn from each other?

These are just a few of the things you should look at in the area of support and training.


Keep in mind that network marketers have goals of recruiting and some will use hype and the “do it now” approach to get you to sign up and start your own home based business.

Is this wrong?

Not really as long as they are not telling falsehoods. Keep in mind that they are on a mission to recruit. So it is up to you to research these 6 areas before joining their opportunity.

I know if you follow the tips, tricks and strategies I outlined for you, success is within your reach. Just reach out and grab it.

If you have any questions, just ask and I will get an answer to you.

Thanks and be sure to share this with others.

Weight Loss And Clothing – 7 Tips On Managing Your Wardrobe

weight loss and clothes

Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash

Lets face it, clothing is not cheap… Unless you shop at Goodwill. And even their prices have jumped.

I have found that some people who had every intention of losing 50 to 100 pounds suddenly gave up on their goal… They quit.


Their clothes and not being able to afford a new wardrobe or they just got upset over always having to change.

This saddens me. I long to see people healthy and obesity is a huge problem around the world.

How is it a person can affordably get clothing as they are losing weight?

Well, I did some research and here are 7 tips on managing your wardrobe during and after weight loss.

Weight Loss And Clothing Tip #1: Do Not Buy Over Sized

We tend to want to buy some items over sized because they are comfortable. But during a weight loss regimen, it is best to stick with purchasing clothing that fits.

Those over sized items will be much too over when you hit your goal.

Weight Loss And Clothing Tip #2: Buy For Now

On the other side of the over size angle, some want to start buying clothing for what they want to be.

I suggest you wait until you are there.

The reason I say this is, you may develop some curves you didn’t plan on.

I suggest just buying clothing that fits you here and now and keep it to a minimum, because you will soon lose more weight. And that leads into my next tip…

Weight Loss And Clothing Tip #3: Consider Buying One size Smaller

If you are wearing a 22W jeans now, consider buying a pair of 20W. This can help be a goal for you… “I’m going to get into those jeans in 1 month.”

Weight Loss And Clothing Tip #4: Consignment Shops Or Ebay

Now, here is a way you can get money back to buy clothing that fits. Round up the clothes that are now too big and put them either in a consignment shop in your local area or you can list them on eBay. Starting a store on eBay is not difficult.

Now, you are not going to get all the money you paid for the items, but at least you will collect to be able to buy stuff that fits.

You may want to help out that consignment shop and buy some of that stuff there.

Weight Loss And Clothing Tip #5: Bras And Shoes

It is extremely important that these 2 items fit properly. And believe it or not, as you lose weight, your shoe size can possibly change too. So make sure the shoe fits.

And the bra… Do you know that a vast number of women do not wear the proper bra size? Make sure you have bras that will match your weight loss. You want those “ta-ta’s” firm and snug. Not too tight, but loose is bad too.

Weight Loss And Clothing Tip #6: Shop Within Your Closet

If your anything like me, you may have clothing from (hmmm, I don’t dare say or you will guess my age).

It can be fun to go through the clothing stash. You may be surprised how you can simply do a small hem and have a top that fits perfectly.

And then go find that picture when you were wearing the same top in High School. wouldn’t that be fun to share on Facebook?

Weight Loss And Clothing Tip #7: Wraps

Any item that wraps can be perfect during the weight loss battle. Especially for those who find themselves losing a lot one week, a little the next week and even possibly gaining because of that darn birthday party.

Wraps are forgiving. You have room to tighten or loosen where you tie it.


Don’t let your closet be the reason you give up on losing weight.

These are just a few ideas and I am here for you.

Do you need to talk? Maybe you need some advice?

I am available to help you lose those pounds. That is what I was born to do, I believe. I even wrote a book about it… You can get a copy below.

And feel free to contact me about any of your weight loss questions or goals.

Thanks and do share this with your social friends. I am sure they will appreciate it.

7 Tips On Losing Pregnancy Weight

losing preganancy weight Photo by Oleg Sergeichik on Unsplash

We love those adorable, cuddly babies, but when we look in the mirror and see weight that came from 9 months of carrying that precious child in our belly, it can take our emotions into overdrive.

You CAN lose that weight!

I am here to help!

Here are 7 tips on losing pregnancy weight.

Losing Pregnancy Weight #1: Say No To Weight Loss Pills And Crash Diets

Your body needs to heal and recover from the stresses of child birth. You need proper nutrition. And, while the temptation of jumping on quick weight loss pills or a crash diet that ensures fast weight loss is there, it isn’t the healthy way.

It takes time!

If you will simply reduce your calorie intake by 4 – 500 per day, and exercising, you will start losing those pounds.

Losing Pregnancy Weight #2: Just Get Up, Get Out And Get Moving

Too often new mothers fall into a depressed state and just lie around until it is time to feed the baby.


You will lose those pounds if you just get up and go outside with baby. Take a stroll, do some gardening, etc…

If you keep moving, you will burn calories and lose some of that weight.

Losing Pregnancy Weight #3: Eat Foods High In…

  • Omega 3’s
  • Calcium
  • and Protein

You need all of these to get back what pregnancy depleted you of.

Fish is a great source of Omega 3’s. Milk and yogurt is the place to get your calcium intake. Lean meat (grass fed), chicken and beans are an excellent source for the protein your body needs.

Losing Pregnancy Weight #4: Dance

Sometimes the weather makes it difficult to get outside, so why not put baby in his/her bouncy seat and let them watch you as you put on your favorite dance music and start “getting your dance mack on?”

Dancing is an excellent way to burn calories and baby will love watching you get your groove on.

Losing Pregnancy Weight #5: Stay Clear Of Processed Foods

Many of those packaged foods are loaded with stuff we should not put in our bodies. Stick with whole foods and you will be much better off.

Most of the processed foods have hydrogenated fats that can clog your arteries and cause heart issues. Plus, many of them are high in sugars which we know is not good when trying to lose weight.

Losing Pregnancy Weight #6: Drink Plenty Of Liquids

Sometimes we get the sense we are hungry when actually, all we need is some water. Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water per day. This will help you feel full and it will also flush unwanted toxins from your body. The water will also help your metabolism stay active which causes weight loss.

It also helps to add other liquids…

  • Fruit smoothies
  • Soups
  • And even a cup of coffee can be okay
  • Fresh fruit in a protein shake in the morning

Losing Pregnancy Weight #7: If Possible, Breastfeed

Science has shown where breastfeeding is actually a great support in Mom’s weight loss. It reduces the size of the uterus.

One study of just under 5,000 new mothers found those who breastfeed lost an average of 3.7 pounds more weight than non-breastfeeding women in 6 months time.

Breastfeeding also has many other benefits:

  • It provides all the nutrients a baby needs for healthy growth.
  • Breastfeeding builds baby’s immune system.
  • It lowers the risk of disease in newborns.
  • And, it also lowers the risks of disease in Mothers.


Don’t allow postpartum depression to control you!

Keep moving and those pounds will slip away. Also, you may want to network with other new moms. Help each other… Form a group… Exercise together.

And lastly, I am here for you… I have “been there and done that.” Sure, my kids are grown now, but I remember… How could I ever forget?

So feel free to contact me and we can make a plan to get those pregnancy pounds off.

And one last thing… Give baby a hug and kiss from Tara. Children are amazing!

All my love!

Marijuana – The Pros and Cons

Photo by Rick Proctor on Unsplash

Times have changed!

In days past, there were people who spent many years in prison because they had a little bit of marijuana on them.

Now in 2018, you can go to any one of 9 States and purchase legal marijuana to ingest or smoke. And medical marijuana is legal in 29 States.

But we ask, is this a good thing or bad? There are arguments on both sides, but it seems the biggest majority are for legal marijuana.

So today, I have decided to take the middle ground and give you pros and cons of marijuana:

  • ganja
  • reefer
  • pot
  • mary jane
  • etc…

Marijuana Con – Slow Down

Studies have shown that the use of marijuana slows down and hinders motor functions in humans. This results in lost production, auto accidents, and more.

Marijuana Pro – Creativity

While not a proven fact, many people believe that using marijuana does open up the creative side of the human brain. And from what I have witnessed, it does help people think outside the box. There have been some amazing art pieces and writings created from “high” people.

Marijuana Con – Possible Anxiety

Depending on the strain, some users could experience mild to severe anxiety. Some have even gone to emergency rooms with thoughts they were having a heart attack.

Marijuana Pro – Bonding

Marijuana is a great way for people to bond. Especially for introverts who have difficulty talking with others, marijuana can open their inhibitions and allow them to be a part of society.

Marijuana Con – Mentally Addictive

While it is shown that marijuana does not have addictive effects physically, it has been shown that many become mentally addictive. And like anything, if your mental faculties say that you must have it, there is a problem.

Marijuana Pro – A Safe Alternative To Painkillers

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Daily, people are overdosing on opioids. It has become a national epidemic. They believe they need them for pain, but many are discovering that marijuana can take pain away too. And there is really no chance of overdosing on marijuana.

Be sure to read this to the end because I will tell you how you can have the same pain killing system that is found in marijuana without having to drive to a State where pot is legal.

Marijuana Con – Smoking Marijuana Causes Worse Effects To Your Lungs Than Cigarettes

Studies have found that marijuana smoke puts a lot more tar in your lungs than does cigarettes.

It is probably best to keep from smoking anything.

Marijuana Pro – Weight Management

Maybe you have watched the Cheech & Chong movies where they smoke a bunch of pot and start eating everything in sight.

But a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows that regular pot users actually maintain healthy weight on average. Heck, Cheech & Chong were not fat were they?

The study also shows that marijuana user’s insulin levels maintained a healthy balance.

Marijuana Con – Short Term Memory Loss

There has been study after study that shows marijuana users suffer from short term memory loss.

This can cause major problems in the work and school environment.

Marijuana Pro – Stress Relief

For mature people who are facing a lot of stress in their career and at home, marijuana can allow them to feel like a kid again. They can let go and enjoy some time with no stress.


So how do you feel about legal grass?

Have you ever smoked it or still do?

For those of you who have pains and aches and have considered marijuana but are too apprehensive to go against the Federal Government who still says marijuana is illegal, there is a substance made that uses the pain erasing benefits of marijuana without the ingredient that gets you high.

And it is legal!

It’s called CBD Oil and I know where you can try it at a 50% discount for the first time. Just click here to get CBD Hemp Oil at 50% off and take the pain away.

Thanks for stopping by and leave your questions and comments below.

7 Tips To Help Children Lose Weight

weight loss in children

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Obesity is a major problem in today’s youth. And while we could point fingers at many of the reasons, I find that pointing fingers actually does nothing for solving the problem. After all, we will not shut down the thousands of fast food joints. We are just a feather in the battle against marketing fattening items to youth. And when parents or grandparents assume that a healthy child is a fat child, we have another issue.

I feel that I was put on Earth with a mission to help humans overcome weight challenges. It all starts with education. And some adults are set in their ways… But children… Children are the future. They are future leaders, doctors, scientists, etc…

If these children accept obesity as the norm instead of the exception, the future will turn dark. And when I look at today’s youth, I see amounts of obesity.

I figure that if I give some tips, those of you reading will share. And hopefully this can go viral and will help parents and children realize how obesity is bad. It causes more health problems and ultimately shortens life spans.

Here are 7 tips to help children lose weight.

Help Children Lose Weight Tip #1: Make Slight Changes

By trying to change the diet pattern of children all at once, you are liable to leave them confused and feeling a myriad of emotions. Make small changes… And explain to your child why you are changing. For their good and your good.

But allow them to have those little junk items at times and slowly get rid of them from the home.

When your child can’t find that sugar filled junk item, keep bananas, carrots or other healthy snack items in plain view.

Help Children Lose Weight Tip #2: Make It A Family Affair

Singling one child out can be demeaning. Make proper eating patterns a family affair. Don’t expect an overweight child to sit and watch you or siblings enjoy a plate full of brownies while he/she has nuts and berries.

Nuts and berries for all.

Help Children Lose Weight Tip #3: Cut Out The Processed Foods And Extra Sugars

This is going to entail a little more work for you… But you need to check the ingredients of foods you are buying. Items that say they are healthy because they are low fat are usually full of extra sugars to help them have more flavor. Fruit juices, unless 100% juice, are full of all kinds of processed items that are fattening.

According to Dr Axe, the best bet is to make your own treats, so you know exactly what is in the recipe.

Help Children Lose Weight Tip #4: Use Positive Approaches

How you say it makes a world of difference on whether you will get you child on board.

Instead of, “You need to lose weight,” try “I want to get healthy and take care of my body. I would like it if you helped.”

Instead of, “We need to exercise,” how about, “Let’s go to the park.”?

Help Children Lose Weight Tip #5: Make Sure The Child Is Getting Proper Sleep


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

There is a direct link between improper sleep and overeating.

This goes for adults and children.

When we don’t sleep properly, we have a tendency to feel hungry, and we will eat whatever is available. But when we get proper sleep…

  • Consistent hours
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Good pillow
  • Low light and noise

We will tend to maintain a healthy weight.

Help Children Lose Weight Tip #6: Eat Family Meals

I believe this may be one of the most important tips. There has been a huge decline in families eating together. And work and school schedules can be a big reason for this. But try to schedule some family meals together because one study showed that children who shared three or more family meals a week were 20% less likely to eat unhealthy foods and 12% less likely to be overweight.

Help Children Lose Weight Tip #7: Encourage Movement

No matter the activity, unless it is extremely dangerous, I suggest encouraging the child to “go for it.” Anything where they are moving their bodies. While I have nothing against iPads, X Boxes and video games, they have slowed down the movement of children.

Encourage extracurricular activities or even odd jobs that require more movement and the weight will come off.


Let’s all get on board bringing the pounds off children. And it starts with the person in the mirror. If we are not doing the proper things…

  • eating right
  • exercising
  • proper sleep
  • etc.

how can we expect children to do so.

That is what my book 50 Million Pounds In America is about. If you have not got a copy yet, order it here.

I hope this post helps you and the children you love… Please share it with others.

Thank you!