Detox In A Healthy Way

With winter upon us, we find many people with colds and flu. It feels like there are germs everywhere and you just feel like you need to rid your body of the toxins inhabiting it.


Detoxing your body is a great way to clean your system from all the junk that is entering from breathing, eating and just entering your pores as you live life.

But, there are many detox methods that are actually harming more than helping.

We must always remember that there are uninformed people who can unknowingly mislead you, and there are also those who will mislead just to make money in an evil way.

As I have said in the past, I subscribe to the Paleohacks newsletter and Aimee McNew wrote an excellent article on bad detox programs.

I felt I should dive into the same subject because I know many of my readers are facing similar choices.

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Do NOT Use These Detox Methods

Vegan Detox

Our bodies require protein and unless you are expertly trained, many vegan diets are not attaining the protein their bodies need on a consistent basis. Many of the vegan diets go after plant proteins and they are not as effective as animal based protein.

There has been a big push to go vegan to clean your body, but you are actually creating more stress on your system by doing so. And during these times of high susceptibility to colds and flu, the last thing you need is your body being stressed.

Smoothie Detox

There has been a manipulative system going around where people are put on full time smoothie or shake programs. This is very dangerous.

It is one thing to skip one meal and use a meal replacement shake or smoothie, but if you are skipping every meal and using shakes or smoothies, it is similar to driving the wrong way on a one-way street; you WILL crash!

With fruit smoothies, you are filling up with natural sugars. Without other food based nutrients, you are endangering your health. And for weight loss shakes, there are many that do work, but they must be used sparingly. There are others that have ingredients that I would not feed to my pet. Be sure and read the ingredients before you purchase them.

Keep in mind that just like the vegan detox, by using this smoothie method, you are creating unneeded stress on your body.

Detox The Right Way

The system does not have to be difficult.

The key is following a diet that keeps the carbs low, the fats high and supplies all the vitamins and minerals your body requires on a daily basis/

If you think about it, these other methods are considered shortcuts, and they do not supply all the nutrients your body needs. You may notice immediate weight loss, but you will experience problems in the long run, and many of them could become serious.

How I can, and will help

I have helped many other people create diet plans that are health friendly, they detox the body and supply needed nutrients.

I can help you develop a complete plan not only just to detox, but to manage your lifestyle in a complete fashion so you will look, feel and most importantly, be HEALTHY.

I offer:

  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Custom Supplement Plans
  • A 12 Week Weigh Loss Program
  • Personal Training
  • and much more

Let’s get you healthy!

Just click here and choose your need.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

Thank you for visiting and keep checking back for more info to get your weight and life back on track.

You May Suffer From Withdrawal

Many people attribute withdrawal symptoms to drug and alcohol addictions but believe it or not, some people have experienced withdrawals when stopping certain foods.

After reading an excellent article in U.S. News ( I felt I should also give a write-up on this same subject since I know I have a lot of readers abruptly changing their eating patterns and diets.

Food addictions

Nearly anything can be addictive, and that includes food. I want to first tell you there is a nationwide program for people suffering from food addiction. You can see more here:

Do not be surprised if when you go on a regulated diet that you may have headaches, bowel troubles and even stomach aches. These kind of effects are quite prevalent in people who are cutting sugar and processed foods.

Studies have shown that sugars and processed foods react in the human brain in a similar way to drugs and alcohol.

But unlike some drug withdrawals, there are no dangers known of from going “cold-turkey.” But, we still recommend speaking with your physician before taking on any diet or quitting any food all-together.

Some tips from experts if you are truly addicted is to:

  • Use slow changes. If you are addicted to (Brand Name) soda, and you drink say, 5 or 6 bottles a day. It may be easier if you go 1 week with just 3 bottles per day, the next week at 1 bottle per day and after just don’t purchase any. But for some people, just cutting it out all-together “cold turkey” is their best bet.
  • Seek guidance. As you should know, I am here for you. If you believe you are addicted to any food source, contact me and we will work out a plan to break the addiction misery.
  • Have patience. Withdrawal symptoms may seem overwhelming, but they will dissipate soon. Your body and mind were just “hijacked” with non-healthy foods and it is a readjustment stage for your mind and body. Be patient and the withdrawal effects will soon pass.
  • Have cheats. Make sure you always have a healthy alternative near you. If you are suddenly getting a craving for sugar, maybe a handful of peanuts or raisins will take that withdrawal edge off. If you are addicted to processed foods, maybe a natural energy bar will break the pattern. And with soda, how about some fruit flavored water.

Think before

Before you put it in your mouth, think about what it is, what it has and if it is worth it.

I even suggest you go through your cupboards and refrigerator and throw away everything that could tempt you when you are in withdrawals.

Here are some good substitutes

  • Instead of processed chips or microwave popcorn, try eating organic stove top popcorn
  • Instead of using mayonnaise, use mustard
  • Instead of candy, try dried fruit
  • Instead of soda, drink tea
  • Instead of a chocolate bar, how about some organic dark chocolate ( if you are having a chocolate craving, you may be low on magnesium)
  • Instead of using vegetable oil, I recommend coconut oil
  • Instead of using croutons on your salad, use almonds
  • Instead of using white flour, try the coconut flour
  • Instead of using Ranch dressing, mix olive oil with balsamic vinegar
  • Instead of soda, mix mineral water with a little lime juice
  • Replace regular salt with Himalayan salt
  • Organic yogurt is much better than ice cream
  • Replace peanut butter with almond butter
  • Replace sports drinks with coconut water
  • Even your milk can be better if you use almond milk

Final Thoughts

You will go through a battle when you decide to change your eating pattern, but keep focused on the goal.

As I said, I am here to help.

Just contact me, and be sure and subscribe to my blog for more advice.

Take care.

The Top 21 Weight Gain Reasons

It seems like there are some people who gain weight just by looking at a brownie.

And there are others who can eat 2 apple pies and seem to lose pounds.

Why is this?

There are many various reasons that some people gain weight. There are also ways to overcome some of these reasons and keep your weight to a minimum.

In today’s post, I am going to explain the top 21 weight gain reasons and some methods to overcome these.

21: Genetics

It is quite evident in many families that we take after certain ancestors. Maybe you had a Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt or Uncle who was overweight and people tell you that you are a lot like that person.

I do believe that in some cases, we get it in our minds that we are like that person and we just assume we will be overweight too, so we don’t do what we need to do to defeat that demon.

Just don’t allow that mindset and follow a plan… A plan of proper eating and exercise and change the perception.

20: Too much sodium

Sodium itself does not cause weight gain per say, but it will force your body to retain water. That water will be reflected when you step on the scale.

Monitor your sodium intake and keep it to a minimum.

19: Marketing

Everywhere we turn we see ads for inexpensive foods: Get a Triple Cheeseburger, Fries and Coke for $2. Fried Chicken meal only $2.99. So on and so forth…

You need to realize that the cost may seem low but in all actuality, the cost is HUGE. It is your life and health.

18: Exercise

Some people either do not exercise or get improper exercise.

Exercise take pounds off. If you need an exercise plan, contact me and I will help you.

17: Insulin

Diabetes is a disease many people face. Some must take insulin and it is commonly known that insulin does cause weight gain.

But, your primary physician should have answers. Most of those answers will be your diet and exercise. Follow the Doc’s plan and you should be fine.

16: Stress

Experts have discovered that cortisol which is the hormone created by stress, also creates cravings for junk foods.

The answer, find other ways to manage stress. Do not go to the food for the answer.

15: The availability of food

We see an abundance of obesity in the world today because of the abundance of food. When people struggled to eat, there was not as much obesity.

The answer???

Is there one?

It is your responsibility to not take advantage of huge food supplies.

14: Not drinking enough water

Drinking enough water will help you feel fuller and you will be less tempted to eat snacks.

If you are feeling hungry, try drinking a glass of water.

13: Sugar

Sugar is calories that you really do not need. In fact, sugar is a carbohydrate, and to properly achieve weight loss, I preach a low carb and high fat diet.

Cut the sugar and watch the weight go down.

12: Going fat free

As I stated in #13, eating fat is good.

When you go fat free, your body will take carbohydrates and turn them into fat and store it in your body.

Fat free is not the answer to weight loss… Low carbohydrates is.

11: Health misinformation

Just as in #12, there are many people who will write things that are not true.

Make sure that before you choose a diet or exercise plan, you research and make sure that it is accurate.

10: Alcohol

Many alcohols are full of calories.

I am not telling you to not have a drink, but try to understand that there are many calories that do cause weight gain.

9: Digestion issues

If your digestive tract is not properly functioning, it can lead to weight gain.

If this seems to be an issue for you, just contact me and I can help you with finding a cleaner that will help you have a better functioning digestive system.

8: Shopping while hungry

It has been proven that when people shop while hungry, they tend to purchase items that are not healthy.

Be wise and eat before shopping, and make a shopping list and follow it.

7: Missing key nutrients

This is a common reason that people are gaining weight and also living an unhealthy lifestyle.

If you do not like certain fruits or vegetables, you need to find a supplement that will make up for that missing ingredient.

6: Not getting enough sleep

This factor goes right along with stress.

Your body manufactures the hormone cortisol when you are not getting enough sleep. That hormone will create a heavy appetite and a tendency to eat junk foods.

7 to 8 hours of sleep is the best.

5: Age

As we age, the tendency to gain weight heightens.

The answer…

Eat properly and exercise consistently.

I haven’t discovered the Fountain of Youth yet.

4: Lower body issues

Many people who have feet, leg or hip issues seem to gain weight. It is probably because of lack of exercise.

My suggestion is to speak with your physician to find exercises and methods to help you keep your weight down.

3: Junk food

I have “hit” on this fact earlier, but junk food is one of the top reasons for weight gain.

How about celery instead of chips?

Yogurt instead of ice cream.

Fresh fruit instead of chocolate cake.

2: Some medicines

There are some prescription drugs that will cause weight gain. They can increase appetite or retain water.

I suggest you ask your Doctor before getting the prescription and if there are any natural alternatives.

1: Food addiction

This IS the top reason!

Just as people can get addicted to other things, food can also be a huge addiction issue.

If that is you, I suggest seeking help.

You can beat that addiction.

Final Thoughts

Just knowing why you are gaining weight is the first step in solving the problem.

Use this list to determine why, and then you can make moves to defeat the problem.

What are your thoughts?

You can leave all comments below.

Thank you.

Bone Broth For Your Health

Wow, it seems to be one of the coldest years we have had in a long time.

What happened to that global warming? (with a giggle)

It is the time of year when colds and flu seem to want to prevail, and while many other people are running to get those flu shots that I am paranoid of, I want to share a simple method I have found to help build our immunities.

Not only supporting our immune functions, this method also improves digestion, reduces inflammation and improves our skin’s qualities.

The answer is:

Bone Broth

Bone broth supplies us with protein, multiple minerals, collagen and more.

But I must tell you that being bone choosy is important.

Grass fed

I often tell you about grass fed beef and how much more beneficial it is for our bodies.

It is important that your bones for your bone broth also come from grass fed livestock.

If you are willing to put in the time to make your own bone broth (simmering can take 24 to 60 hours), here is how to do it:

  • Gather bones from grass fed animals. You can use beef, chicken, pork or even fish bones. With fish, we also add the head. The recipe I am providing is for beef bone broth.

  • You need 3 pounds of beef marrow. 1 ½ pounds of meat bones, 3 quarts water, ½ cup apple cider vinegar, sea salt, 2 onions in quarters, 2 carrots halved, 2 celery stalks halved and ¾ cup parsley.

  • Using a crock pot, add the marrow, bones, water, apple cider vinegar and let it sit for approximately 1 hour.

  • Add all the vegetables (not parsley) and bring to a boil.

  • Skim off the scum and toss.

  • Reduce heat to simmer and do so for 24 to 60 hours.

  • At the final, add the parsley for 10 minutes of cooking.

  • Let it cool and strain.

  • Add sea salt to your taste and you can enjoy or store it in the refrigerator or freezer.

Or buy prepared grass fed beef bone broth

If you just do not have the time to prepare your own bone broth, there is a company that sells grass fed, organic bone broth.

I love Paleo Hacks, and with their service, you can get $10 off your first order.

Just visit this link.

Bone broth for your health

Just the odor of simmering bone broth may bring the neighbors to your door wondering what is cooking.

The benefits are numerous.

It is often used as a staple for children with autism, and has also been quite wonderful for treating people with allergies.

The gelatin seals your digestive system from leakage.

It is a strong defense against colds and flu… Remember Mom giving you chicken soup? It is like chicken soup on steroids.

Bone broth is a strong tool against inflammation.

The calcium content in bone broth is a wonderful promoter of strong and healthy bones, and it also promotes healthy hair, nails and skin.

Final thoughts

I hope I gave you a great idea for a cold season meal.

Bone broth will warm your bones.

I want to thank Dave at Paleo Hacks for inspiring me to write this. Be sure and visit his website here:

And, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out my recently published book 50 Million Pounds In America.

You can get it on Amazon here.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your bone broth.

Some Tips To Use During The Holidays To Keep From Gaining Weight

Well, we went through Thanksgiving and I slipped a couple of times but overall, I held to my diet.

How did you do?

If you did have an encounter with pumpkin pie or some other tasty sweet, don’t consider it the end. Slip-ups happen and all we can do is reflect on how good it was and what we need to do to overcome those slips.

With Christmas arriving soon, I have decided to give a few tips on eating and not eating during this season when many diets go by the wayside.

I am routing for you!

Here are multiple tips that can help you still enjoy the Holiday festivities without adding pounds to your waistline.

Don’t go hungry

If you arrive at the family function with an empty stomach, you are setting yourself up for disaster.

Try snacking on some nuts or seeds before going, and before getting a plate of food, drink a full glass of water. The water will fill those cavities and make it feel like you are full.

Take your own healthy dish

You may take one look at all the food offerings and see weight gain. But if you arrive with a healthy dish you prepared, you know you will have something to eat that will not add pounds to you.

Find a confidant

In those huge get together functions, it is quite probable that you are not the only person fighting with weight gain. Find another person in your position and face the temptations together. It helps!

Make the centerpiece people instead of food

So often, the focus at these events is the food. You do not have to accept that! Make your focus the people and the socializing instead of the food.

Keep track of what you eat

Maybe keep a notepad and just jot down what you eat. By doing this, you will stay aware and it will help you control the urge.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol in itself can be fattening and what is worse is the loss of inhibitions that alcohol gives. I suggest just saying no to alcohol.

Use the salad plate

Instead of using a full size plate, use a smaller salad plate.

You will take smaller servings and maintain your diet this way.

Carry some healthy snack items on your person

You know that you are going to be seeing a lot of food. Sometimes that hunger bug can pop its head up at any time. Just reach in your bag and take out the nuts you brought with you to defeat that monster.

Do not neglect your exercise routine

It is more important than ever that you stick with your normal exercise routine. Just because the party is at 1 doesn’t mean you cannot still do your morning walk, jog or biking.

Stay with you exercise pattern and even if you do slip a treat in, you will be forgiven.

Be willing to say no thank you

You are going to have people most likely offer you tempting treats. You need to get adapted to being able to just say no thank you.

When it is that person that you just cannot say no to such as a favorite Aunt or other person, I suggest taking the item and giving it to a child. Or you can just be honest and tell them you are on a diet and you dare not.

Go for a walk

After eating that meal, instead of sitting down why not take a walk?

It will help you burn those calories you just ate and is much better than sitting and letting those calories create a gut.

Final Thoughts

You can still have a joyous Holiday season even when you are on a diet.

It doesn’t have to be about the food, it can be about the family and friends.

So, go enjoy yourself and if you do slip, don’t let it ruin your time or your diet.

Happy Holidays to you all!