Your Medicine Cabinet May Be The Deadliest Item In Your Home

In today’s post, I am going to delve into an area that many people are apathetic about. It is a serious situation and due to the fact that I have loved ones and friends who are elderly and rely on the medications that doctors prescribe, I am writing this. These same medical professionals surely know that some of those medications have hidden dangers but the pharmaceutical industry has so much power that few will stand against them and the deadly poisons they are legally giving to the human population.

This Is A Serious Issue That Must Be Confronted

Every day, some senior citizens are dying not from the health issues they were dealing with; they are dying from the items in their medicine cabinet. But the death is overlooked with the statement “We tried to make their life better until they passed.”

That statement doesn’t make sense.

It is an oxymoron, because the pharmaceutical companies are legally giving out substances that are the killers. The disease or medical issue did not kill the person, the drug did. And the government keeps allowing it.

Okay, now that I have gotten worked up, I will share several known drugs legally given to people that are extremely dangerous. I will also share some alternatives.

If people begin to say no to the prescribed killer drugs, maybe doctors, big pharma and the United States government will take notice.

Diabetes Drugs

There are various diabetes drugs that are being pushed:

  • Actos
  • Avandia
  • Metformin
  • Etc…

Some of these drugs have been linked with heart failure and various internal cancers. Diabetes is the process where your body is not manufacturing insulin properly.

There are many natural substances that can help you get blood sugar levels back to normal. But most importantly, your diet needs to be maintained in a healthy pattern and you need exercise.

There are various herbs and natural substances that have shown great impacts on diabetes.

  • Polyphenols – These antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables have been found to help diabetes patients gain control of blood sugar levels.
  • Aloe Vera – Studies where patients have taken Aloe Vera orally have shown lower blood sugar levels.
  • Magnesium – Studies have discovered that people with low magnesium levels are more likely to develop diabetes. Nuts and green, leafy vegetables are high in magnesium.
  • Cinnamon – Studies at the Mayo Clinic have found cinnamon increases insulin sensitivity.

Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Known as NSAIDs, I am speaking of Non-Steroid Anti-Inflammatory drugs. These include:

  • Motrin
  • Naproxen
  • Celebrex
  • and many others

These drugs have had FDA public warnings of heart hazards. Even warning labels read: “NSAIDs may cause ulcers, bleeding, or holes in the stomach or intestine. These problems may develop at any time during treatment, may happen without warning symptoms, and may cause death.”

So why take them?

I suggest you consider some natural alternatives.

Sleeping Drugs

Every year there are thousands of deaths from drugs made to help people sleep. But there are many natural substances that can do the same thing in a safe way.

But I suggest you first look at your sleeping conditions. You need a comfortable mattress and pillow. Light should be at a minimum as well as noise.

Some natural sleep aides are:

  • Melatonin
  • Valerian root
  • Warm milk
  • Lavender essential oil


These are just 3 sets of drugs that can be quite dangerous. There are many more and I suggest you ask your doctor before they prescribe any drug if there are any natural alternatives.

Read the warnings on any drugs you are prescribed. Be proactive and let them know you will not endanger your health with one chemical to try and help another health problem.

If you are currently on any medications that you are questioning, talk to a medical professional. Be sure and get several opinions.

I hope this post enlightened you to the dangers of drugs that should not be deadly, but the government allows these companies to keep supplying them to the population in the name of profits.

Please post your thoughts below. I appreciate all feedback.

And, please share this post with your family and friends on social media. We need to warn the nation.

Thank you.

Meditation For A Healthy Heart

When we look at the statistics of heart related deaths, the results are frightening. Of all the organs in our bodies, I will not say the heart is the most important but I will say that it carries the most responsibility.

If we want to live a fruitful and long life, it is mandatory that we keep a healthy heart.

Just to give you an idea how depressing heart statistics are, I am going to share some facts straight from the CDC website.

CDC Heart Statistics

  • 1 in every 4 deaths are from heart disease
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women
  • Every year, over 700,000 Americans have a heart attack

I also see that geography seems to show that more heart related issues occur in the Southern U.S. while the West coast has the least.

Could it be that meditation and Yoga are huge on the West coast while improper diets play a huge role in the South?

Many of you know that starting with the Southern State of Mississippi, I have started a movement to help erase 50 Million Pounds In America… You can buy my book here.

I believe that our diets play a major part in our heart health, but another huge factor is stress and that is what today’s post is about.

Meditation Can Help Your Heart Immensely

The American Heart Association published a study that shows meditation is a wise method to enjoy a healthy heart. You can read that full study here.

This study was done sing African American participants because of the high rate of heart issues in that group. The study showed that patients who practiced meditation twice per day had much lower risks of heart attacks than the control group who were just educated and put on heart healthy diets and exercise.

Don’t stop exercising and eating healthy heart diets!

But adding in meditation twice per day will help you live healthier.

How The Study Worked

The study followed approximately 200 African American men and women with approximately ½ using the meditation and the other half receiving healthy heart education.

From the participants, about 59% were taking cholesterol lowering medication, about 32% took aspirin regularly and about 40% smoked. Also, the average body mass index overall was clinically obese.

The meditation group sat with eyes closed for 20 minutes twice a day practicing the technique while the health education group was advised to spend 20 minutes a day at home practicing exercise, healthy meal preparation, and relaxation. At the end of the study, the meditation group not only experienced fewer heart attacks, strokes, and deaths, but also decreased their blood pressure.

Just this study alone showed us that meditation can, and does work to relieve our stress and help us have a healthy heart.

Heart Disease High Risk Groups

Certain factors put people in high risk categories when it comes to heart disease. The primary high risk factors are:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Smoking
  3. and High cholesterol

The CDC claims that about ½ of all Americans have at least 1 of those high risk factors.

But other risk factors do include:

  • High stress careers
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Obesity
  • Inactivity (physical)
  • and Poor diets

So just as I stated earlier, having a proper diet and exercising are key ingredients to maintain a healthy heart.

But when you add meditation to that list, it is like “putting icing on the cake.” I mentioned high stress careers being a factor, but every person has stress on some level. Stress makes your heart work harder than it should. Getting the stress under control will help you live a more fruitful life.

The Chopra Heart Meditation

I want to share with you the heart meditation the Chopra Center recommends:

  • Close your eyes
  • Place your attention on your heart, breathing easily
  • Let thoughts and sensations come and go as they will, like a quiet observer
  • After five minutes are up, open our eyes

I suggest you try this twice per day.

I would love to help you develop a healthy heart diet and exercise program too. Let’s get your weight, your heart and your mind back on path to great health and long life.

Just contact me here.

Thank you for visiting and will you please share this with your social friends. Let’s help people have healthy hearts!

White Meat, Dark Meat Or No Meat?

When it comes to chicken and turkey, we have been led to believe that we should stick with white meat and no skin.dark meat

For years this has been the direction of weight loss advocates because they claim that white meat is lower in calories and fat. But as I often say, eating fat is not a terrible thing. It is those nasty carbohydrates and sugars that are making people fat and unhealthy.

White Meat Does Have Less Saturated Fat

And white meat does carry a lot of protein, but by skipping that dark meat, you are losing many nutrients that you should be getting in your diet.

Vegetarians can bypass this

I would never try to take you away from a vegetarian diet plan if that is your calling, but many of us love to have meat in our diet.

The thing is, we have to be so careful where our meat is coming from.

Too many chickens and turkeys are fed growth hormones and antibiotics that enter the meat and make there way into our system.

No matter what color of chicken or turkey meat you are eating, I suggest you purchase grass/pasture fed chickens or turkeys. You may even want to look for the USDA seal that it is organic meat.

That will ensure you are not getting the hormones and other ingredients that our bodies do not need and can damage not only our health but future generations.

Why You Should Indulge In Dark Meat

Maybe you were led to believe that you should only eat skinless breasts or white meat. I am here to tell you that you can take that chicken thigh or leg. Eat some of that dark meat.

Dark meat is dark because these are the muscles used most by the bird. This means that more oxygen needs to be sent to those areas and it becomes myoglobin which is high iron that our systems require. Other nutrients you get in dark meat that is not available in the white meat are:

  • More selenium
  • Taurine which is an anti-inflammatory
  • Zinc
  • Vitamins B6 and B12
  • Vitamins A and K
  • Riboflavin
  • and Thiamine

All of these are important for our systems but

Taurine is extra special

Taurine lowers the risks of heart disease by keeping blood pressure regulated.

The Saturated Fats Are Not Bad For You

For years, experts believed saturated fats were bad but studies have shown the opposite. It is the carbohydrates that are bad and saturated fats are, for the most part, healthy.

Start eating that dark meat because studies are showing that the Taurine alone could even have more benefits.

And back to you vegetarians, Taurine is a common deficiency in people who are on vegan diets.

Studies are showing that Taurine may be a great benefit to the human brain and memory loss in aging people. It has also been shown that people that suffer from diseases such as cancer, kidney and liver disease and diabetes have low levels of Taurine.

Maybe Taurine is that miracle nutrient our bodies require. Taurine content is high in dark meat, oysters and clams.

Leave The Skin On Too

Another myth that people have been told is that the skin on the chicken or turkey is bad. Organic chicken and turkey skin hold many nutrients too. The most healthy fat of all is found in the skin… monounsaturated fat is the same fat that is in olive oil.

The Harvard School of Public Health determined that the majority of fat in chicken and turkey skin is actually unsaturated fats that are great for our heart health.

And, that skin helps our hair and skin

Our bodies need collagen and the skin is full of collagen. The chicken and turkey bones are also heavy in collagen, so that is why I recommend bone broth.

The benefits of collagen are so numerous that I cannot count them all, but some are:

  • Battles diabetes
  • Strengthens our hair and nails
  • Improves joint health
  • Tightens your skin and prevents wrinkles
  • and even speeds the healing process from injuries

So What Is For Dinner?

If you have been thinking you are eating healthier by purchasing those no skin chicken breasts, I ask you to re-think that equation.

I believe that experts of old truly believed that it was healthier but new studies prove that theory wrong.

Buy that whole chicken or whole turkey, but just make sure it is a pasture fed bird or tagged organic.

And if I am invited, I would love that dark meat with skin and a glass of red wine.

Now that is a healthy meal.


What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the dark meat findings?

I am open to all comments and if you have any questions, just post them below.

Thank you.

That Belly Fat Is Probably Shortening Your Life Span

I believe we all know at least one person who seems to act proud of that belly they have. Either they act proud or they laugh it off with a joke or two. They claim it is the beer and cold weather insulation.

I find it impossible to laugh at these statements!

I don’t mean to seem cold hearted or the dull one at the party, but it saddens me. It cuts to my heart because I wonder how much shorter that person’s life span will be. I have a desire that they live life to its fullest but if that belly fay is allowed to remain, the odds are unlikely.

So before I move forward with today’s post, I must ask you to

Please share this with people. There are social media buttons at the end to allow you to do so.

In this post, I am going to explain about belly fat, why it is so dangerous, what to eat and how to start erasing that belly fat.

There are 2 types of belly fat

Belly fat comes in two forms. Both are dangerous to your health, but one holds a higher amount of danger than the other. Both types can lead to:

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • and many more health issues

Subcutaneous fat

This form of belly fat is normally soft and covers the abs and is immediately below the skin. I would say it is easier to get rid of than the next type. Much of that just requires proper diets and exercise.

Visceral fat

Visceral fat is extremely dangerous. You can tell if your belly fat is visceral fat if it feels hard when you push on it. Visceral fat is deeper in your abdomen behind your muscle and surrounding your organs. This is the most common fat when associating “beer belly.” And you can see why it is so dangerous just in the fact that it surrounds your organs. I look on it like a boa constrictor snake squeezing your organs and suffocating them.

Studies have also shown that visceral fat releases inflammatory molecules into your system on a consistent basis.

Is it just beer that causes visceral fat? NO!!

Beer is high in carbs so it plays a role, but all foods high in carbs, high in sugars and starches create visceral fat. All of this not only creates visceral fat, it leads to insulin resistance. It is no wonder that diabetes levels have skyrocketed.

One of the primary contributors to visceral fat is high fructose corn syrup.

Read labels and take the high fructose corn syrup out of your diet and you are making an active start in ridding your body of visceral fat.

The only ways to get rid of visceral fat

There are 2 things you need to do on a consistent basis to erase that visceral fat:

1: Exercise: You need high intensity exercise. The low intensity exercises will not do it. Some of the exercises you need to look into are:

  • Interval training
  • Sprints – Running or bicycle
  • Complete body weight training
  • Etc…

I can help you design a complete exercise program to get the visceral fat off. Feel free to contact me.

2: Your diet: You MUST eliminate sugars, starches and most importantly, high fructose corn syrup. Increase protein intake and healthy fats such as:

  • Avocados
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Grass fed meat and butter
  • Fatty fish

Eliminate many of the grains and you will be much better off.

A secret from Tara

What many people do not know is that certain chemicals that have been introduced into our food from pesticides, herbicides, pollution and more are forcing our bodies to store excess fat. These are known as xenoestrogens. And, it is believed these also lead to various cancers.

You need to eat a heavy supply of vegetables that fight xenoestrogens. Here are some of the veggies:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • etc…

Yes, cruciferous vegetables have nutrients that are a huge defensive force against xenoestrogens.

I know of a product that can give you a huge supply of these nutrients and many more. You will love the Daily Dose Organic Super Greens. Check them out here.

Final Thoughts

Let’s work together and get your body free of abdominal fat. I long to see you healthy and enjoying life.

If you have any questions or feedback, please post it below.

Thank you and please share this with your friends and family. Together, we can help the world be healthier.

Is That Cereal As Healthy As It Says?

We all know that those sugar coated cereals are something we should stay clear of. But, when we stroll down the cereal aisle in the supermarket, we see boxes that say things like:

  • A great source of vitamins and minerals

  • Rich in fiber

  • Healthy For Your Heart

  • and more…

But are these claims true? Are these cereals as great for you as the manufacturer leads us to believe?

It is my opinion that you may want to stay clear of those cereals too

Even though the manufacturer makes all these claims, these cereals can also drive your blood sugar high. These “high-fiber” cereals are full of starches and starch breaks down quite quickly in your body and becomes sugar.

This process does damage to your cells and can lead to that terrible disease called diabetes along with systemic inflammation, increased allergies, digestive problems and even can cause issues with infertility.

The damage leads to premature aging

The ultimate damage is to your hormones… Spikes in blood sugar create havoc with your body creating growth hormone. That is the hormone that helps you look and feel younger.

Vitamins and minerals are added synthetically

The box of cereal states it is a great source of vitamins and minerals but what they do not tell you is that those vitamins and minerals are added synthetically. They are not naturally occurring and can be quite difficult for your body to absorb.

There are some studies which have shown synthetically added Vitamin E can actually be bad for us while natural Vitamin E is good for our bodies.

The reason you do not absorb the vitamins is because cereal goes through an extrusion process. The manufacturing process that make the shapes of cold cereal destroy fatty acids and vitamins in the grains. The cereal becomes toxic through the altered structure of amino acids.

Another reason we do not absorb the vitamins are the grains are not properly prepared. We do not soak or sprout grains which would eliminate physic acid, a substance in grains that binds nutrients preventing the body from absorbing them and makes grains hard to digest.

Those Cereals Can Store Body Fat

If you consistently read my blog, you know that I am a fan of a low carb, high fat diet. The reason for this is if you are eating high carbs, your body will not burn the fat… It will store it.

Many people have this issue. Look at the people with belly fat. Their bodies store the fat because they ingest high carbs.

Cereals actually help your body store fat. The spikes in blood sugars create high insulin levels from the pancreas which in turn tells your body to store the fat. Cereal goes completely against any diet that is meant to help you lose weight.

Cereal turns your body into a carbohydrate burning machine instead of a fat burning machine.

The Cereals Can Also Cause Damage To Your Gut In The Long Run

Cereals with wheat are known to have high contents of gluten which can possibly cause gut damage. And those cereals with corn ingredients are normally made with GMO corn. Studies have shown that GMO’s are terrible for you and your children.

So your cereal says it is rice based? Rice is full of starch which will turn to sugar immediately.

Better Alternatives

I highly suggest you just leave that box of cereal on the shelf. My apologies to those cereal manufacturers, but you are creating a fat planet.

Eat some eggs!

But eggs are high in fat!

Yes, eggs are high in fat. That is a great reason to eat them. They have no carbs and your body will burn the fat that those eggs are putting in your body.

Fat isn’t the problem… The actual problem is sugar, GMO’s, soy, canola and pesticides. All of these are leading to obesity and bad health.

Have some eggs with some vegetables, fruits, avocado and even some grass fed, organic meat.

I love eggs with avocado and I bet you will too. Or make yourself a vegetable and fruit smoothie. Another wonderful breakfast is Bulletproof Coffee. Here is a link showing how to make it:

If eggs aren’t your idea of a delightful breakfast, I suggest organic, full of fat yogurt with some organic berries, nuts like almonds or pecans and enjoy a gut-healthy breakfast.


It is a sad world that we cannot trust what is written on the outside of a manufacturer’s label but it has been that way for years. It is up to us as consumers to read and understand what we are putting in our bodies.

Remember… High fat and low carbs.

If you have any questions about this post or you need help in developing a good diet to bring the weight down and have a happy life, feel free to comment below or contact me.

Let’s take obesity away from the world and watch as people live fuller and more active lives. I also truly believe that as we erase obesity, we will also delete many of the world’s diseases.

Please do me a favor and share this important information with your friends and family on social media. Let’s work together and take obesity away.